Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We have crema!

My pot arrived today. Well, the postman rang once yesterday but no one was home, so I picked it up today. More film at 11, but it is a cute little unit! The photos show the first stage of crema production, then the at the end stage.

I had to run it at 3/4 capacity 3 times to "break it in", so I used whatever beans I had lying around, which were not espresso/Italian roast. It DOES produce crema, and the flavour is pretty good for break-in period and ordinary beans. I think I lucked out setting the grinder burrs correctly.

I'll post a follow-up with details and will include more photos. So far, a success!


DAIGO said...

The first brewing with Brikka does not betray your excitement and expectation , doesn't it? I am glad you are enjoying it!DAIGO

WeeDram said...

Oh, I was SO bored by it! ;-)