Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Hazards of being a Sales Engineer

How old is NCLB, aka "No Child Left Behind"? I am a Sales Engineer ... er, babysitter for sales people ... and I see evidence of lack of cognitive skills that are beyond my admittedly meagre imagination. These folks are in their 20s on up, so I shudder to think that NCLB is exacerbating the situation.

Example: Sales rep rushes over to my desk, almost breathless. "I just sent you an email, I wanted to check if you got it."

I check and sure enough, an email arrived 7 seconds ago. I hadn't seen it because I was busy websurfing for ways to kill myself without causing my wife to cry.


jannx said...

WD... "surfing for ways to... " almost sprayed tea all over my screen when I read that!

Mark Martin said...

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