Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kodachrome "retired"

I will write more on Kodachrome later. I am currently working away from home on an extended assignment, so don't have access to all my image files.

Steven Schaub has an interesting take in the form of an audio file:

Along with three other influential photographers from the online community, he visited Kodak recently for a "secret meeting", to be briefed on Kodak's discontinuing Kodachrome, and the future of film.

I do not have complete trust in Kodak's committment to film. This is born of the experience corporate behaviour. A company's "word" on something seems to be as trustworthy for as long as the ink is drying on a corporate quarterly statement. With a new CEO, you have yet another new "committment to our customers".

Sorry for sounding negative, but I have not yet had my morning zazen.

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jannx said...

Isn't it interesting that one of the traits in todays CEO's is the ability to be a facile liar?

That's one reason of many that North America has gone downhill. If our leaders lie ... why shouldn't we. If their word can be rescinded why can't we. Strangely CEOs wonder why employees don't support the company. Perhaps because they have learned that they had better look after No 1 because today's employers won't.