Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Newest 3rd World Country

We usually think of countries emerging from "3rd world" status. But obviously countries, as a result of a series of events and mishaps, can devolve into that status. And we usually think of 3rd world status as primarily economic condition, with bad government and corruption as secondary conditions. In reality, of course, the situation is often the reverse: decline into economic failure is caused by bad government, corruption, etc.

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I watched Hacking Democracy, an HBO production that left me at once angry, despairing, disgusted and again angry. Yes, I have known about the problems with electronic voting systems in general, and the serious issues with Deibold in particular. But before watching Hacking Democracy, I didn't really know the details, I didn't know how shocking the situation is. And it's not just Diebold; Velousia county in Florida clearly demonstrated that the rot goes all the way to the core of your electoral systems and personnel.

Now I know which country is the latest to "achieve" 3rd world status.

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jannx said...

Hi Earl, I was looking for info on your new 'film drying set up' mentionned in RFF. Obviously I came across your blog. Its a nice personal one. I read several pieces but alas despite lenses and contemplation of digital cameras no lead in to the drying set up.

I like FSU glass.. I can afford it! Send me a link or a sketch if you can.

cheers, Jan