Saturday, March 22, 2008

Java Joe's is No More


Jaava Joe's is no more!

I knew something was up; for months Joe had been scaling back operations, changing things. Over a year ago the cafe hours had gone from 7 days a week, to five, then four, then three. Sue, the luscious lass from whom I typically bought my beans, had once told me more changes were coming. And when I had last been in, Sue was not around, the kitchen was closed. A sign simply stated "new menu coming".

So today, as I walked the market before heading into Joe's, I ran into my friend Gene Olczak. As we chatted, Gene said he had discovered that Joe had sold to Boulder Coffee Company. Hmmm. The space itself, along with the market clientèle, will likely dictate that not much will change. There is another Boulder location in town, I just hadn't gone to it yet ... a grave personal failure, to be sure.

Gene's story (and who can doubt him? He's a freakin' brilliant optical engineer involved in putting remote sensing into space), is that Joe will continue to sell beans just up the street. And that Boulder's beans will "match" Joe's fare. Well, the deal is probably that Joe will sell beans to Boulder; I don't think Joe writes bad deals.

Writing this entry at Boulder.


Gene Wilburn said...

What a pity, in a way. Java Joe's was going to be one of my visits when we make it to Rochester. I feel I've missed something special.

For your sake, I hope the atmosphere, and coffee, remain good. We don't have Boulders so I don't know about them.

Diane said...

The Coffeehouse at the Mennonite Relief Sale was serving Java Joe's. A nice brew, with some homemade choco chip cookies, and some fine tunes from the stage made for a pleasant evening.

We here at the house are using plain old Melitta in the drip.
I haven't bought a latte in about a month. Spending too much on crochet accessories, I guess.


WeeDram said...


We'll still go when you're here, as I suspect the atmosphere will be substantially the same.


Good to know that Joe's joe has found its way to the Midwest! (I'll bring some for you and DOF next trip.)

The signature feature of Java Joe, other than his expertise, is that the beans are flame roasted in small batches. I know of no one else doing this.

Back to my homemade capuccino with Espresso Adoration as I watch CBC Newsworld, in my jammies. :D

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