Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Support a Ban on Handguns in Canada

I know my friend DOF will disagree, but he's not Canadian, so ... :D

Anyway, I can't think of one good reason that anyone needs a handgun. And the arguments of "guns don't kill, people do", and "banning guns only assures that criminals will have them" doesn't wash. I think those who take those positions are intellectually dishonest.

Without banning handguns, there will be no progress. A simple ban is not a complete solution. No one has ever said that. But it is an essential first step.


Kelly said...


I'm interested in hearing why you think that a person who takes the "guns don't kill......" position is being intellectually dishonest? I happen to subscribe to that position and I know I'm not deliberately being dishonest. I'm interested in a real discussion, so please explain that position. I will try to understand and respond.

WeeDram said...


Thanks for the thoughtful question, and your sincerity.

There was a Wee bit of hyperbole there, and I didn't intend to convey that any intellectual dishonesty was deliberate, but ...

I don't see how anyone can ignore what to me is obvious.

First: Of course guns of themselves don't kill people. Well, they actually DO when a loaded weapon is is discharged by a child. Oh, I suppose it's the negligent owner who did the "killing", but still and all.

Second: With a reduced supply of handguns, there will be a reduction of supply to all. Yes, some criminals will still have them, but eventually the number of handguns will be be reduced to such a point that crimes committed with handguns, homicides with handguns, will be drastically reduced.

What I am talking about is thinking through the very basics. As Mayor Miller points out, handguns are produced for only one reason ... to kill another human being. And the argument of self defense against home invasions, etc., doesn't hold water with me as I don't know of any statistic that shows it is an effective measure. If such statistic exist, I'd be happy to review them.

Please understand that my position is in the context of Canadian homicide and assault statistics. Contrary to what many (most?) Americans believe, Canada has higher per-capita gun ownership than the US, yet the rates for murder and violent crime with firearms is much lower than the US. But the recent spate of handgun deaths in Toronto has included at least two victims who were not even the target of the shooting, but were innocent bystanders. (Question: Is there anyone NOT an innocent when it comes to being killed by a handgun wielded by a civilian?)

So yes, the "dishonest" adjective was used as hyperbole, but if it stimulates discussion, I'll cop the plea. Having more activity on this blog isn't a bad thing, eh?

Keep photographing, brother!